Do you know how easy it is to lose all those countless hours of work, for good?

You spend your all day and night to make your site but suddenly all vanish in an instant. There is many number of reasons your site could end up lost, damaged, or stolen, and it’s up to you to restore it as expeditiously as possible.

Now a days so many websites get hacked every day. What if your websites is targeted and hacked by someone what if the bad guy delete all the files and data from your server? What will you do? Alternatively, sometimes you, or your clients will fortuitously efface the erroneous file or make a vicissitude that breaks something. Or the entire server may crash.

If you don’t want to lose countless hours of work, you need to have full backups of your website ready to be restored when you need them.

Thankfully, WordPress has many puissant, free and premium plugins that avail you to easily back up and restore your entire websites in case of any quandary.



You can save your backups in a variety of locations, including Amazon, Dropbox, or Google Drive. You can also just download a zipped folder of the files. You can customize what exactly you want your backups to save (e.g. just your database or the full WordPress installation). Bonus tools are available, like malware, database, and server scanners.

The biggest advantage of using BackupBuddy is that it is not a subscription based service, so there is no monthly fee. You can use the plugin on the number of sites mentioned in your plan. You also get access to premium support forums, regular updates, and 1 GB of cloud storage to store your backups.



UpdraftPlus is one of the highest rated free backup plugins on WordPress. It sanctions you to establish multiple schedules for your backups. It sanctions you to store your backups to Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive and a plethora of other popular accommodations.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration is one of the most popular free backup plugins available for WordPress. The UpdraftCentral plugin extends this one to make it Multi site-compatible. I’d recommend this one due to its multiple power features.



WP-DB-Backup is Totally free WordPress plugin, allows you to backup your whole database or just parts of it. To use this plugin You can schedule monthly backups. You can imagine its popularity that the plugin has been downloaded more than half a million times and enjoys a 4.6 star rating.



This plugin gives you the opportunity to migrate, copy, or clone your entire site from one location to another, which is a great solution if you’re looking for complete redundancy in the event that you need a fail over option if your primary site goes down. Offers manual, automatic scheduled backups, restore plugin, but it gives you a ton of flexibility. Be careful Duplicator does require above average technical knowledge. If you are new to WordPress or have a limited technical background, you should not attempt to use this plugin.



In VaultPress has couple of business plans available that include some type of automated backup service. They also come with one-click restore as well as site migration features. Scans your website for vulnerability, malware and security issues. VaultPress has Additional Jetpack features come with this, like video hosting and Google Analytics integration.


WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system to create websites and blogs. If you are looking for a free plugin, your best choice is UpdraftPlus. It is free and offers the most features. But if you are looking for a premium plugin, you should go with Backup Buddy. It is very affordable, offers dozens of features and comes with 1 GB of storage – perfect for business websites.

To use this blog you may know how important is to use backup plugins and which one is best for your website or a blog, hope little effort give you big advantage.

Author: Adam Elberg

Adam Elberg works as Strategic Partnership Manager at HostChive – A Managed WebHosting Platform.

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