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About HostChive

HostChive was created with the sole motive of keeping your successful online presence and to offer secure hosting environment. We do it so you can host your Website without any fear. And, we do it because no one does it better than HostChive.


Today, HostChive leads the Web Hosting industry. Our true talent comes from our associates. Our team is made of expert engineers who are coming from a diverse range of experience. They have previously worked with various cloud-based, web hosting, and other internet ventures.

2014 - 2015

HostChive continued to expand with every passing day with a commitment to customer success, Proudly hosting over thousands of customer since 2011.

2013 -2014

Joining the next generation container based shared hosting. we migrate all of our shared hosting servers to new supercharged monster servers. we didn't only upgrade the hardware, but also the whole infrastructure of our shared hosting platform.

2012 - 2013

HostChive commenced commercial services in 2011 with a strong desire to help people get successful online presence.


Founded in 2011, HostChive is a hosting platform that offers an extremely easy way to deploy, monitor, and manage high performance applications.

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