The trend of online shopping is constantly on the rise and its future is glittering bright. This statistic gives information on retail e-commerce sales worldwide, the eCommerce industry is seen having an estimated value of  $22.049 trillion. eMarketer estimates sales will top $27 trillion in 2020. Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide.

Almost everyone seems interested in buying and selling products online and this is the reason why there is such a huge competition in the market.

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Major Challenges for an Ecommerce Store

Every Ecommerce store needs a few basic elements to thrive in this competitive market. Let us take a look at three major hurdles in success for a web store and how HostChive excels in this regard.

1)  Speed

One of the most necessary elements of an Ecommerce store is speed. In order to make your web store successful, it should have speedy load time as customers don’t enjoy waiting even for a few seconds.

Improving website performance and speed is a major concern for large eCommerce sites, particularly now that page load times play a role in how well your website will rank in Google search results. There’s also the issue of user experience.

2) Scalability

Scalability is key when deciding on your eCommerce platform. Your eCommerce website needs to be able to change and grow in order to meet demand. Scalability is a major concern of almost all Ecommerce store. It is all about how a website handles both, slowly increasing web traffic and a sudden spike. Choosing a platform built for growth up front can save a lot of trouble down the road.

Our team of experts knows how important website scalability is to help your business develop and would love to learn more about your business’s scalability needs. If you are looking for an eCommerce solution that can grow with your online business, call or click to contact us today!

What happens if your store doesn’t scale well?

Unfortunately, an eCommerce database that doesn’t scale well can mean disaster for your online business. If your eCommerce site isn’t able to grow to keep up with demand, the site could basically freeze up and crash because of the load being put on your servers. A crashed website could lead to lost sales and lost customers.


The most crucial and critical phase of Ecommerce store is its Security. It come first in terms of priority, the security of an ecommerce store is a must for businesses to gain trust of customers. Web stores have sensitive data including customer profiles, credit cards credentials, and bank account details.

Moreover, ecommerce platforms are more likely to receive cyber and malware attacks. Even a slight data breach can put all the customer information at risk and this is a situation no business entity would like to face.

To overcome these security threads you should have at least the following security measures –

  • Encryption
  • Digital Signature
  • Security Protocols
  • Secure Electronic Transaction
  • Data Validation at low level

Featured eCommerce Software

HostChive offers all market-leading Ecommerce apps that are best to build your online store. We install woocommerceMagentoPrestaShopOpenCart and a variety of other popular eCommerces for free with advanced caching options to make both yours and your customers’ experience with eCommerce really fast and enjoyable. We also make sure that your eCommerce website is safer and better supported than anywhere else! Here’s a quick look of top 5 featured eCommerce apps to help you make an easy choice by the end of this blog.


The most popular Ecommerce application by WordPress. WooCommerce has a market share of over 40% and has more than a million active users. The application’s easy-to-use interface and in-depth customization are its distinctive points.

A freely available WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create an eCommerce site. WooCommerce offers a number of extensions for enhanced functionality and beautiful themes. WooCommerce also is an SEO and social media friendly app with inbuilt analytics. Its reliability and scalability are the reason why the Ecommerce app has been among the list of market leaders.


Magento is the second most popular Ecommerce CMS with a market share of over 26%. Over 150,000 online stores use Magento It is trusted by some of the world’s top brands such as Samsung, Olympus, and Ford. The app offers more than 2,000 extensions to power up your Magento store. Use Magento and trust this extremely popular solution can help you grow your online business.


Easily create your online store with PrestaShop’s free shopping cart software. It is used by over 100,000 web stores. Moreover, this app has an engaging community of more than 300,000 members globally. Quickly start selling your product online with hundreds of PrestaShop’s powerful features.

The app has seen an incredible growth of over 550% since January 2010. It’s a PHP-based open-source free platform that is growing with every passing day.


Next up is OpenCart, yet another popular Ecommerce application that is mostly preferred by small scale businesses. OpenCart is your fast, user-friendly and responsive eCommerce solution. It’s intuitive control panel ensures you have complete control over your store.


VirtueMart is a highly configurable and multi-language shopping cart solution for Joomla. With a large number of additional extensions, VirtueMart is very extensible to meet your online store needs.


All of these features are necessary to make a web store successful and if you are already thinking to opt for a scalable and managed hosting provider, try HostChive and enjoy swift, secure, and speedy experience.

Author: Adam Elberg

Adam Elberg works as Strategic Partnership Manager at HostChive – A Managed WebHosting Platform.

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